Senin, 25 April 2011


Janda Bahenol

Bali is a fantastic place to see if your in need of a holiday. As there are many exciting ways to explore the country, including the various Yacht charters they currently have. 
There are many different choices in hiring yachts that you may want to chose. They range from sailing boats to the traditional schooners. While on board, this Yacht, you will have the experience and expert team members, with the help of a tour guide to make your event a safe and relaxing one. These charter cruises depart from Bali all the way through to Lesser Sunda Island.
You may also chose Bali fishing boats that range from the fast 25 knots with state of the art Blackwatch vessel. This Yacht has experienced crew members and captain. You can have heavy or light fishing tackle. The yacht has electronics, navigation, a high quality fish finder and safety equipment.
If you want to see wild life, then the Pinsi Sea Safari may be your choice. This Buginese schooner known as the Sea Safari, was custom made for the Western travelers and built in the late 90s, by a traditional craftsmen in the Kalimantan. The schooner has a 12 double/twin cabins, with its own air conditioner, shower and toilet, with 15 crew members on board to take care of all the passengers needs.
You are able to book 7 or 8 day cruises on this Sea Safari, and during any time of the year, there is a selection of choices in where you want to go. They include visits to the Lesser Sunda Island east of Bali. While on this Island you are able to swim, or snorkel in their unspoiled beaches, or if you wish you may also explore the villages where the women weave their customary Ikat cloth.
On your Safari travels, you are able to see the Island of Komodo, which is famous to the community for its dragons who survived the Jurassic age. This charter can take up to 26 people, and the price range is up to $3,900.
You may also want to go on the Waka Motor Yacht, this takes you to the waters that are off the Bali shore. This is an experience, for the keen fishermen to take a chance and catch a great fish with Captain Aaron.
There are no guarantee's to catch a fish, but take the boat on the days when you are more likely to catch a fish. In doing so, you will be able to get the photo, that you desire. These charters will have resources, and it will also provide you with something to eat and drink. If you wish, you may book a driver to take you to the yacht and back to the hotel. You can take your own cameras, hat, sunscreen and alcohol. While the yacht brings you experience fishermen such as, the Captain and crew.
When traveling to Bali, it is also best to plan ahead, as there can be many enjoyable experience to chose. Therefore, you can enjoy the full benefit of the Bali experience especially with the different choices in Bali Yacht Charters. 

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