Senin, 25 April 2011


According to recent research, it is known that the male brain when viewing a sleek curves and sexy woman who turned out to be a kind of chemical reaction whose effects are similar when someone drinks alcohol or drugs. This discovery could help explain what happens in the head man and his relationship with pornography. 

For the moment, it is estimated that shapely hips possessed woman unconsciously associated with fertility and overall health. Because of this, no wonder if the whole world, in general, he said that the figure of a woman's body which bersiluet considered sexy hourglass.

To explore more deeply about this, the researchers invited 14 men with an average age of 25 years to see the 7 pairs of women's hip image. The seven pairs of photographs was a woman's hip image that has been passed to streamline the process of cosmetic surgery, rather than suctioning fat, but remove the fat that is on the waist to the buttocks. 

Through the scanning device is known that when I saw these men view photos waist woman who had surgery, part of the brain are activated is the part that also respond when someone drinks alcohol and drugs. It is not too surprising how human evolution has now been made attractive female body shape becomes addicted.

Steven Platek, a scientist who studied the evolution of cognitive neuro at Georgia Gwinnett College, Lawrenceville, Georgia, says that this research can help us understand the link opiate pornography and similar disorders, eg, when no assisted erectile dysfunction pornography. This discovery also could help find answers about a person's sexual infidelity.

The researchers also found that changes in body mass index (BMI), a woman only affect parts of the brain that is connected to the comparison of the size and shape of a simple visual. This proves that the self assessment will be no more body fat just because of social norms, not a matter abnormalities in the brain.

Further research is expected to explain the effects of a sexy woman's body on the female brain. "Allegedly, women also assume an hourglass shape body style as interesting as men's way of looking toward the object. However, in women, it is interpreted differently," said Platek. The women see other women attractive form as an attempt to measure his own sexiness. This is the kind of system in the minds of women to men remain interested in him. In other words, to keep spouses do not glance at another woman is pretty and sexy.

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